Mike England

Mike England is a mortgage lender and loan officer with extensive experience in all aspects of real estate finance, origination, marketing, management and training. His personal goal is to build lifetime relationships, helping his friends, family and business associates to find their dream home with the proper home loan. Mike’s professional goal is to provide the best possible experience and results for every client.

Mike believes that his clients are better served by him than by anyone else, and best served if he continuously improves every aspect of the home loan experience. He believes that the education of his clients empowers them to get the best long-term results toward finding and meeting their life goals.

Mike’s specialty is helping people to finance real estate when other people can’t. While other lenders are limiting what they do, Mike is constantly searching for products that can help his clients. He offers expertise in financing for credit scores as low as 600, 203(k) financing, zero down financing, reverse mortgages, foreign nationals, asset-based lending, no-cost loans, mobile homes, and construction loans.

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